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1. What is NDA's approach to recruiting?

Our approach includes systematically identifying candidates from our proprietary database based upon credentials, expertise, geographical preference, compensation and candidates interest.  Our recruiting professionals quickly contact the appropriate candidates which begins our process of becoming an extention of our clients personnel function.

2. How do I talk to a consultant regarding my qualifications?

Generally, we contact a candidate by phone or email when we recognize qualifications as compatible with a search assignment we are conducting. Unsolicited resumes, while desired and welcomed, are reviewed and placed in our confidential database until an appropriate search assignment develops.

3. How does Newcomb-Desmond & Associates charge for its search and selection services?

We are a contingency based firm, our fees are 25% of the selected candidate’s first year’s compensation.  If a candidate hired through Newcomb-Desmond fails to either begin the position or to complete at least six (6) months of service with the employer, we will initiate search activity for a replacement candidate at no charge. This guarantee applies when either the employee voluntarily leaves the company without fault of the employer, or the employee is discharged by the employer for cause or for unsatisfactory performance.

4. As a candidate, would I pay a fee for your services?

No, we are a contingency/retained based firm and all fees for search assignments are paid by the client companies that hire us to perform searches. There is never any charge to an individual candidate considered or hired for a position.

5. What steps are involved when Newcomb-Desmond & Associates conducts a search assignment?
  • Identification of, and contacts with, individuals who might be prospects for the position, or possibly referral sources. These individuals are normally not looking for a job and not in some firm’s resume database.
  • In-depth evaluation of potential candidates through  interviews, reference checking, and verification of credentials.
  • Assist with preparation of candidate resumes, progress reporting to clients, and preparation of confidential reports outlining our assessment of each recommended candidate.
6. How long does it normally take to complete a search assignment?

While, technically speaking, a search can be completed as soon as a qualified candidate is identified, normally we recommend that the client consider at least two to three candidates before making a selection decision. It is important to remember that the ultimate selection decision in a search will only be as good as the candidates considered. Most of our searches are completed in 8 to 12 weeks, although some searches may require more time.

7. Where can I get more information?

Inquiries may be made through following:

Phone:  (513) 831-9522 

Email:  nda1@zoomtown.com

Mail:  P.O. Box 201                       Milford OH 45150