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Candidate Tips

Think You are Ready for the Interview?

Here are some questions you may face:

1)  What are your goals?  What have you done or what are doing to reach them?

2)  What do you know about our company?

3)  Why do you think you are a good fit for this position/company?

4)  What is the most difficult task you have had to do?

5)  How do you feel about your present/last employer?

6)  What would you change about your last position?  Why?

7)  Are you a good listener/observer?  Do you have an example?

8)  What would you consider to be your ideal position?

9)  Where would you like to be three years from now/five years from now?

10)  How would you describe yourself?  Your peers, supervisor/manager?


General Information:

Don't forget to arrive ten minutes early for any interview, be courteous to everyone you meet i.e.; receptionist, secretaries as well as interviewers.

When meeting people remember to smile, have a firm handshake and make eye contact.  Being positive and enthusiastic are never bad traits on an interview.

At the end of the interview you must "close the sale".

Smile, look the interviewer in the eye and while shaking hands say (in your own words) "I really would like to work for this company.  I believe I can make an early contribution."  Failure to "close" at the interview is the biggest problem people have on interviews today.